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Dear Friend,

We would like to introduce you to our new line of completely vegan food and herbal supplements. In today’s world, as you well know, we are bombarded with every kind of health problem and it seems the doctors and hospitals simply can’t keep up or even fix many of the them.

We here at Hope for Health understand the issues at stake and have developed a particular philosophy of product purity and quality and a total abstinence from any animal products. We believe that many of our diseases originate with the consumption of animal products and the way most of the animals are raised and kept.

As a result, if the animal products are in the vitamin and mineral supplements that we take, we are still putting ourselves at risk for the diseases that are caused by these ingredients. Take a look at most of the products out there that claim to help you regain or maintain your health. They contain ingredients that can actually cause more problems than the one you’re trying to treat!

In addition to carrying a higher quality product, we also have done extensive research on each of our products and we include informational documents to give to your customers along with the product. This way they have information that tells them more about the product, what they can use it for, what the benefits of the product are, dosage information, etc. Our customers love having the information they can keep and share with others rather than trying to remember it all.

Many, many people are becoming more conscious of the poor animal industry standards and the diseases that result. More people than ever are looking for a “vegan” alternative. We have tried to fill that need, and now offer it to you and your customers.

We are now happy to be able to offer a 30 percent (30%) discount off of our retail prices as a courtesy for our distributors (See “Distributor Price List”). Distributor pricing is offered whenever an order of $500.00 or more is placed. Anyone can receive distributor pricing, as long as their order totals $500.00 or more. Distributor pricing is offered on an order-by-order basis, meaning, EACH order has to total $500.00 to receive distributor pricing.

If you have any questions, please call our health department at 828-649-0278. We look forward to doing business with you!


The Hope for Health Staff

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